Our attendance figure for 2018-2019 was 96.7%.

The National Average attendance figure for 2018-2019 was 95.8%.

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At Eastfield we are passionate about attendance and promote the value of full attendance for every child.

Each week we measure attendance and celebrate good class attendance in our Achievement Assembly.

Good attendance at school is essential for a pupil’s education and establishes a positive working ethos early in life.

Individual incentives  These incentives are in place to reward pupils with good attendance.  Every pupil receives a raffle ticket for each full week that they’re in school. The raffle tickets go into their class box and during the last week of each term a ticket is drawn from each class box. The winning pupil from each class receives a £20 voucher for a family activity.

All pupils that achieve 100% attendance receive a certificate and a sticker at the end of each term.

Also, every pupil who has 100% attendance for the whole year receives a certificate and an attendance wrist band.

Class incentive – Each week the class with the highest attendance receives £10 in their class bank. The class with the second highest receives £5. This money is then added up throughout the year and at the end of the year pupils choose how they would like to spend the money, for example on games, activities or experiences of the classes’ choice.

Please telephone the school before 9.30am if your child is absent.

Forms are available from the school office for planned absences.

If your child has to leave school during the day a parent or carer must sign the signing out book.

Please call at the school office to complete the process: it is important that the office staff know if your child is on or off the premises. If a child returns to school during the day, they must be signed in.

Children’s education can easily be seriously disrupted and parents should consider very carefully before taking their child out of school for a holiday.

The headteacher is not permitted to authorise holidays taken in term time. The school has adopted the Local Authority’s published policy. In accordance with the policy, parents may be fined by the Local Authority if there is persistent absence or time is taken for holidays during term time. Please contact the school office for more information.

Absences which are excessive or cannot be adequately explained will be reported to the Education Welfare Service, who will take appropriate action, since attendance at school is a legal obligation.

Holidays in term time

You are required under the Education Act (1996) to ensure your child attends school regularly.  If your child accrues 10 consecutive sessions of unauthorised absence you may be liable for a penalty notice (one days absence equals two sessions and a five day absence is equal to 10 sessions).

An unauthorised absence is any absence that the Head teacher has not given permission for or where an explanation has not been provided by the parents.

Parents must complete a request for absence from school in exceptional circumstances form and submit this to the school, allowing for sufficient time to enable the school to consider the request and inform parents of the decision.

Where parents do not follow the school’s procedures of submitting a request and simply remove their child without seeking prior approval, a warning may not be given and you may be liable for a penalty notice.

If your request is declined or you do not follow the correct procedure and you still take your child out of school each parent within your household may be issued with a £60 penalty notice for each child you have taken out of school. If a penalty notice remains unpaid after 21 days it will increase to £120. If after 28 days it remains unpaid you may be summonsed to appear before Magistrates to explain why your child has unauthorised school absences and you may be liable for a fine of up to £1000.

‘Eastfield Primary School is a safe environment for my child to learn and grow.’

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‘The school ethos is fantastic - my daughter comes home with a happy story every day.’

Parent testimonials

‘It’s good to see the kids smile on their faces before school and after school.'

Parent testimonials

'My child thoroughly enjoys coming to school and is making good progress.’

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‘Having opportunities for the children to take part in activities outside the classroom is a real positive.’

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‘My child has progressed in lots of different ways whilst being at Eastfield primary school.'

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'I have seen my child develop socially and academically during her time there.’

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‘Brilliant school. My daughter has absolutely thrived since being here.’

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‘Excellent and varied extra curricular activities.’

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‘Good updates on current activities and curriculum. Supportive staff.’

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‘The curriculum is delivered in a way that makes his education fun & exciting.’

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‘I’m very happy with my child’s progress, and can see how happy he enjoys his time learning.’

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‘An outstanding school both academically and in sporting achievements with friendly staff.’

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‘Eastfield has given my children the best start in their educational journey.’

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‘Excellent school that manages to involve all pupils.’

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‘Members of our family have been pupils at Eastfield since 1975 - highly recommended.’

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